Global Street Art exists with a mission to live in painted cities.

We achieve our mission in three ways: (1) We promote street art online through our platform and to our 400,000 organic fans on social media, (2) we help artists find legal walls to paint in London - since 2012 we've organised over 1,500 legal murals, and (3) we are an agency that works with world-class graffiti and street artists to deliver high quality projects with and for our partners. 

At the Global Street Art agency we work passionately across the UK and worldwide on hand-painted advertising campaigns with top brands, with developers on public murals, on projects with councils and other public bodies, large scale mural festivals, interiors, licensing projects... and pretty much everything in between! For many of our projects we can offer a complete service including sourcing and contracting locations, incredible in-house design, full execution including bringing in artists, logistics and managing council permissions, then documenting the whole process. We aim to make your life as easy as possible!

Want to know more about how we can deliver your next project? Contact us using the form below - we're here to help! Let's make our mission a reality! 

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