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It all started when...

2018. Global Street Art today officially unveils giant mural at Wembley
Park – welcoming the world. Installed on a 40m long hoarding set against the backdrop of Wembley
Stadium, Global Street Art unveiled the artwork designed in collaboration with nearly 100 local school
The mural is the second commission of the Wembley Park Street Art Project (in partnership with Global
Street Art), an ongoing programme transforming spaces across Wembley Park with different installations,
showcasing a variety of the world’s greatest street artists. The project was launched last year with notorious
doodler, Mr Doodle – who took over Olympic Way with 43 million sq inches of his distinct idiosyncratic
characters - a project still on display.
The latest artwork, Wembley Park Wishes the World Welcome, was devised to allow maximum input form
the local community, and has been created in close collaboration with local school children from nearby Ark
Academy. It carries an important message of community engagement and transformation – which can be
seen first-hand across Wembley Park. The artwork seeks to connect the transforming area with local
workers, residents and visitors, through colours and symbols – further cementing it as a new creative
neighbourhood for London.
To develop the concept Global Street Art worked with Brent school, Ark Academy, in a series of workshops
with students in Year Seven and Eight, helping to teach them more about street art, its history and different
techniques in order to develop their own style and create their own designs. From these workshops an initial
design for the mural was created, the outline of which was then installed at Wembley Park and over a week
long project the students, alongside the Global Street Art team, have worked in groups to paint the mural and
bring it to life onsite.
With a reputation of creating more opportunities for street artists from over 100 countries, the latest Global
Street Art commission at Wembley Park comes just a few weeks after the announcement that Brent, home to
Wembley, has been named the London Borough of Culture 2020. The project further cements Brent and
Wembley Park’s mission to improve the lives of local young people – by inspiring them through arts and
The artwork, which has been hand drawn and has taken four weeks to create and is free to view. The piece
will be on display in the Wembley Park events pad, which later this year will host a summer programme of
free events.

Speaking about the artwork, Wembley Park Wishes the World Welcome, Global Street Art Co-
Founder, Lee Bofkin, said:

“The design approach for this project was new for us and ensured that the kids have the most input possible.
The fact they designed each letter individually and those letters have been carried through to the final mural
means that the kids have been involved every step of the way! This is our second project working at
Wembley Park and it’s great to be so focused on delivering something with and for the community. We’re
very appreciative that Wembley Park is choosing art to help connect with local schools.”
Adding to this, James Saunders, COO Quintain (developers of Wembley Park), said:
“It’s been a privilege to watch so many young talented people from the local community work together to
create the latest art installation to date at Wembley Park. The artwork, Wembley Park Wishes the World
Welcome, carries an important message for us, showcasing the power of local communities when
transforming an area. The Wembley Park Street Art Project is very close to our hearts, and we look forward
to welcoming visitors to experience the installations on show.”

CLIENT: Wembley


DATE: Feburary 2018

CATEGORY: Commissioned Murals